Tri-band smartphones are here


Sprint’s first tri-band smartphones arrive Nov. 8, bringing to life the promise of Sprint Spark.

Sprint Spark leverages one of the most advanced networks on the market, but it’s the tri-band devices that truly bring it to life.

In addition to the two smartphones coming Nov. 8, select smartphones also will be upgraded to Sprint Spark via an over-the-air update in the coming months. Select hotspots are Sprint Spark-capable today.

Tri-band devices are engineered from the inside out to deliver a flawless data experience. A Sprint Spark-capable device intelligently determines which available band of LTE is needed for a given activity, and joins that band. This all happens in an instant, but the result is a faster, more reliable network while in Sprint Spark coverage.

Tri-band smartphones set to launch this year include:

The Samsung Galaxy S® 4 Mini (Available Nov. 8, Sprint Spark support expected via update): The Next Big Thing is small? The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini packs a ton of features into a compact, ultra-portable package. Take stunning photos with the 8 megapixel camera, and share them instantly with Sprint Spark.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega (Available Nov. 8, Sprint Spark support expected via update): The Samsung Galaxy Mega is a powerhouse device meant for super users and casual smartphone lovers, alike. Its beautiful 6.3-inch HD screen makes sure your content is always the star of the show. Sharing, downloading and more is a breeze thanks to Sprint Spark.

The LG G2 (Available Nov. 8, Sprint Spark support expected via update): The latest from LG offers an experience unlike any other thanks to its intuitive design and powerful internals. Sprint Spark promises to make watching HD video immediate and app content appear in an instant.

The HTC One max (Available later this year, Sprint Spark support expected via update): Fans of the HTC One’s gorgeous unibody design rejoice! The HTC One max brings that same level of refinement to a powerhouse smartphone built not just for today, but for tomorrow. The One max leverages HTC’s revolutionary Ultra Pixel technology to deliver stunning, high-dynamic photos on its gorgeous, 5.9-inch display. With Sprint Spark, you can expect a network that is as responsive and nimble as the device that takes advantage of it.

Hotspots that are already Sprint Spark-compatible include:

Netgear® Zing Mobile Hotspot™: Surf, stream, work or play faster and smarter thanks to the Netgear® Zing Mobile Hotspot™ and Sprint Spark. This tri-band hotspot provides super-high-speed data for up to 10 devices. The powerful 2500 mAh battery will keep you connected for up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Netgear® 341U USB Modem: A savvy travel solution gets even savvier thanks to Sprint Spark. The 341U has long been a business favorite because of its portability and ease-of-use. When used in Sprint Spark coverage, it becomes even more indispensable.

MiFi® 500 LTE by Novatel: The MiFi 500 LTE provides a portable network solution that is as affordable as it is fast. In a Sprint Spark coverage area it becomes a viable alternative to traditional broadband providers, offering our fastest wireless speeds at an unbelievable value.

  • Ben Trevino

    Whats the ETA on the update for the G2?

    • Bonifacio


  • Richard Harper

    I LOVE THIS !!!!! Way to go Sprint !

  • Terrell L Washington

    What he said vvv

  • Jesse Thompson

    “In addition to the two smartphones coming Nov. 8, select smartphones also will be upgraded to Sprint Spark via an over-the-air update in the coming months.” Does this mean the Note 3 could get an update to make it compatible??

    • victorhlopez

      The Note 3 is not tri-band.

      • mindsnapper

        Clarification ! Only the Sprint model of the Note 3 is not tri-band.

  • Shawn Skinner

    I know you need to try to sell new phones but why can’t you list the current devices that will get the compatibility update?

    • victorhlopez

      They did; the hotspots. Current phones won’t support it.

    • Maverick_YDrB87NOkD

      I believe he meant the Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy Mega, LG G2, HTC One Max will get the OTA update since the addition of the 2 phones coming on Nov 8 are not listed. Read the text in ( ) on each device listed.

      I believe the 2 additional devices are: The Nexus 5 and LG Splendor which are not official announced but we ( tech gurus) know it’s coming. Most likely the Nexus 5 will be announced on Halloween 31st Oct then made available on Nov 8.

      The only other smartphone devices that is capable but not yet ready for this is the iPhone 5s which needs either an OTA or and a chip installed which I see apple catering to with a price tag.

  • wade j. morrison

    I love it too, but I’ll believe it when I see it! Sprint is yet to get the LTE up in my town and running right.

  • HopelesslyFaithful

    whats the date for the one max :/

  • Brad Z

    Is the Samsung G Mega just a Tri-band Note?

    • mindsnapper

      The galaxy Mega is inferior to the Note 3 in many ways. Why sprint chose to triband the mega over the Note 3 is beyond logic.

  • Bryce

    No current Sprint phones are capable of Sprint Spark speed. However most, if not all, devices starting November 8th will have Sprint Spark capability.

  • Darius Diggs

    Is the Regular, HTC One going to be tri-band?

  • Darius Diggs

    Is it coming to The HTC One?

  • mindsnapper

    The Galaxy mega is larger but inferior to the Note 3 in many ways.

  • Bonifacio

    They also forgot to mention Nexus 5 will also be compatible with Spark.

  • Ed Starkey

    Which of these phones have HD Voice?

    • Wes A Whaley

      My G2 does.

      • Ed Starkey

        Great, III just bought one and the LG Flex and HD voice is fantastic!

  • Roger Willard

    So will a triband phone work with just LTE… I doubt Tulsa will get spark before my next contract is up

  • disqus_QMXYhEYpmw

    Please be on iPhone 5C

  • RRockstar

    Buyer Beware! The aforementioned phones will not support Spark. It clearly has the disclaimer “support expected via update.”
    I’ve been a Sprint customer long enough to know that “expected” gives Sprint a lot of wiggle room and you can almost hear the excuses like, “we don’t control when a manufacturer updates their devices.” I would wait until you can buy a phone that supports Spark right out of the box.

    • Wes A Whaley

      It had the ability out if the box just not the software preloaded. MyG2 just got Sprint spark.

    • Ryan Dunn


  • Robert Lasdon

    will the note 3 be updated to be spark capable?

  • Randy Robbins

    Iphone 5s OTA Update

  • Mortgage Press

    I would settle for solid 4G service at this point.

  • eagles4585


  • eagles4585

    Got something against the Nexus 5 sprint?