First Sprint Spark cities announced


The future of mobile data is here.

The mobile revolution has begun in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa and Miami.

Equipped with one of Sprint’s new tri-band devices, customers in upgraded areas of these first Sprint Spark coverage areas will have access to our fastest mobile data speeds with improved call quality and stronger indoor signal on the way. In a Sprint Spark coverage area, you can stream your favorite TV shows or movies in brilliant 1080p. You can play lag-free online games against opponents during your commute. You can share your view from Brooklyn with a loved one on the other side of the world.

Sprint plans to deploy Sprint Spark in about 100 of America’s largest cities over the next three years. By the end of 2014, the company expects 100 million Americans will have tri-band or Sprint Spark coverage.

  • Crux

    #BayArea? I believe the copywriters may have left this out.

  • Bradford Bates

    Seriously someone needs to show Phoenix some love Million and a half people and we don’t even have 4g from yet been paying for it everymonth but havent seen it yet

    • Sirron Matthews

      I second that here in Columbus, Ohio….. I have an HTC EVO LTE (the first Sprint LTE phone) and I havent seen LTE coverage yet !!! But paying for the “Best LTE phone”…

      • Kyle Traxler

        I was in Columbus two weeks ago with the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE on the Sprint side (not VM)- had LTE coverage just fine in the downtown area around the new condos going in. Much of Central Ohio had it on my phone. Just now shown on any map. New cities to be announced last this month though.

      • Jason Howell

        Sprint’s LTE in Ohio is spotty they are currently upgrading the towers and network. I have LTE at my office in Parma (Cleveland Suburb) but the next tower over in Brook Park is still 3G. From what I can tell they are doing the towers near the Interstates first and moving form there. To get the LTE to work on my S3 I had to update my profile and turn it on in the menu. The funniest thing is that 30 miles south of my office I cannot even use the phone at my house 3G or 1X voice only the signal is too weak. Sprint still has issues with their cell size and tower strength.

    • Terrence b

      Agree 100%

  • Eric Witkowski

    Will I be able to update my galaxy s4

    • willie16149

      No because the S4 does not have a third radio inside of it that can use the 2.5 Ghz band. But the s4 can use both the 1.9GHz and 800Mhz which will be more than capable of blazing speeds

      • Jason Rosenzweig

        Sorry this is not 100% correct. Many of the phones allthough they support 800MHZ CDMA they do not support 800MHZ LTE. The original statement that many of the Sprints phones including HTC One, S3, Iphone 5 only support LTE on LTE Band 25 is correct. LTE Bands 26, and 41 are only available on S4 Mini, HTC One Max, and Nexus 5. Even the Note 3 and Iphone 5s only support Bands 25, and 26. This has been a major fustration from Wimax to now where we would buy a phone only to be out of date not because of the phone but because no clear direction was made over the network.

  • rm1evo

    I’ll believe in this when I see it in San Diego.

    • Jhon

      Why would they post in San Diego,that is not an important city.i am so happy they are bringing into Miaim

      • Mark Savage

        How do you figure that San Diego not important? We have 3x the population of Miami. It’s California’s 2nd largest city.

        • Alexandre Roderick

          Miami is Florida’s second largest city!
          And yes, San Diego is not that important…
          Best regards from the Sunshine State!

        • Brad S

          The population of San Diego within the city limits may be higher, but I assure you that Miami’s metropolitan area population is about 2 million more than San Diego’s.

          • RRockstar

            Actually, Miami’s MSA is only 1 million larger than San Diego’s. However, San Diego is adjacent to Los Angeles’ MSA which is 15 million larger than Miami’s. The entire Southern California region is 21 million people.

  • Chewayne D. Harrod Jr.

    No. Current phones don’t support tri-band

    • Jason Stiles

      iPhone 5s and 5c support all the necessary bands.

  • energyx


  • willie16149

    Most current Sprint LTE phones are compatible with 1.9 Ghz AND 800Mhz bands so you still have a revelant phone and will notice no major differences inregards to future speeds.

  • willie16149

    Please be so kind to show Detroit some love! The LTE is all over the place eventhough Detroit has not been launched but please let us be in the first round of Spark coverage :)

  • SpenBennett

    Come to Baltimore and Baltimore Metro Area!

    • Jason Rosenzweig

      I agree we were one of the first LTE deployments but it is far from complete…. Did they forget about us?

      • JustinCLI18

        I live in Suffolk County in a village what it is considered, and but LTE deployment is happening all over my county. I get better LTE than cities in some places. Just keep calling, and complaining! Lol. Or you could move to more economically wellnoff area. New York Suffolk County is the place to be if you’re willing to cough up a bit more. It’s worth iy because there qre nicer peoppe also and more beauty as well as beaches. My town will be completely covered with LTE in 3 months according to a rep, and I already experience LTE all of the time.

    • RRockstar

      Baltimore had the first WiMax deployment in 2009 and the first LTE in 2012. Welcome to the real world where you can wait with the rest of us but yes you will get it. Washington-Baltimore is the fourth largest market in the nation after NYC, LA and Chicago.

    • Osito

      Hmmm….I think someone forgot about Houston

  • Jhon

    Does this affect the 3G IPhone 4S

    • bmccull

      Nope. No LTE in the iPhone 4S.

  • Brenda Robbins

    What a relieve tampa will get it immediately but what about Atlanta i guess i will have to hold off on moving for a while

  • Brenda Robbins

    I hope its on iphone 5+ models iphone is pretty popular and it’s coming to the Bay Area :)

    • JustinCLI18

      I wish. iPhone 5 only has one LTE radio and the iPhone 5S has two LTE radios. You need 3. I would run to the store now to get one If the 5S did! I have the best phone for Spark whic is also the fastest and most stable phone available..stable right along 5S.

  • RRockstar

    San Diego is in the top 10 largest cities. Please don’t leave us out or wait until the end of the three years to build this.

  • Ailene Enelia

    very disappointing!!!!!!!

  • wjimenez5271

    Boo, no San Francisco

  • Mark Malone

    T Mobile here I come!

  • kingjoe


  • Alexandre Roderick

    Is this service available already in the cities listed above?

  • Ric Martin

    If you have a HTC One you already have two of the radios inside 800/1900 MHz. I have noticed some increased speeds in the Metro Atl but I feel bad for the people that are getting charged for the 4G. Yet they have never received it. The sprint headquarters should be bombarded with complaints.

  • Ryan

    Cleveland Ohio please!

  • Ron Raney

    Just got the HTC One Max and the speed is very good.

  • Terrence b

    Why isn’t Phoenix one of these states