Sprint Spark, HD Voice arrive in 2 new markets

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Today, Provo, Utah and Trenton, N.J. join America’s newest network. Both Trenton and Provo now offer Sprint Spark™ for ultra-fast data and Provo becomes the newest HD™ Voice-capable city, with support for Trenton coming soon.

Sprint Spark is a revolutionary data capability that delivers peak wireless speeds of up to 60Mbps over a mobile network on enabled devices. It accomplishes this by harnessing three different frequencies in the LTE spectrum, and actively cycles between them depending on usage and need. The end result is a faster, smarter network that delivers serious speed when you need it most.

HD Voice is the new standard in call quality and clarity on the Sprint network. In a HD Voice market, calls between two capable handsets benefit from a broader octave range and active background noise reduction. These features create crystal clear calls that sound more natural for people with HD Voice capable handsets in an HD Voice market.

“Sprint’s all-new network is providing our customers significantly better call quality and faster data speeds in more places,” said John Saw, chief network officer at Sprint. “Customers in Provo and Trenton will be particularly pleased with the power of Sprint Spark – say goodbye to slow downloads and content that lags.”

Sprint Spark and HD Voice are available in select markets, with that number growing all the time, as we continue to deliver America’s newest network to our customers. For updates on Sprint Spark and HD Voice, as well as tech news from around the web, visit Faster.Sprint.com.

  • Kevin Alvarez

    When will sprint ever have unlimited hotspot again.

    • rick james

      Soon as you root your device :)

  • matt

    when does sprint convert clear wimax network to LTE?

  • Tazzie_tazz

    How do you get the spark for Springfield Missouri

  • Greg Rhoades

    When will I ever just get good service again

  • Darian Cookie DePasquale

    It’s funny how I still have roamind data in my entire town, except for when I have no service at all. Yet here we are, Spark!

  • Cory

    You are stupid

  • corbie sr

    i live in las vegas nv i cant get 4g im with sprint there is a cell tower 9 houses down u can see it from my drive way u know im mad!

  • corbie sr

    this company is way behind when it comes to 4g this is taking way to long 4g has been out for almost 4 years and u still cant get it together come on sprint!