Meet the WeGo

ZTE WeGo Kids PhoneOn April 11, Sprint introduced the Sprint WeGo phone in stores. It’s the perfect device for parents who are looking for an intuitive wireless device for their young children. Aimed at ages 5-12, the WeGo combines affordability with easy-to-use technology.

While many phones feature touchscreens or numerous buttons, the streamlined WeGo has one button that makes it easy for kids to control everything on the phone. Need to answer a call? Just push the button.

Though it’s basic to operate, the WeGo is a feature-rich phone. Highlights include GPS tracking, a secure contacts list and a panic alarm. You control who your child is able to interact with on the device and can enter up to 20 contacts. The WeGo is water-resistant for 30 minutes in up to a meter of water and shatterproof when dropped from up to 12 feet.

Managing your WeGo account is simple with the OmniLink portal ( Make safety a priority with GPS services that allow you to view the phone’s location on a map. Set detection alerts so you know when the phone exceeds certain speeds. Monitor whom your child can call or text and vice versa. Easy-to-use settings on the device can help give you peace of mind and your child a sense of responsibility.

If you are looking for that perfect introductory device, the Sprint WeGo is where it’s at. The service is an add-on to your current phone plan and only costs $9.99 per month, excluding taxes and fees.

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