Sprint Spark reaches even farther


Sprint is building America’s newest network from the ground up. We’re improving our existing voice and LTE service while introducing the future of our network. That future is Sprint Spark. Already available in more than 20 markets, Sprint Spark delivers peak data speeds up to 60 Mbps with the potential to get faster as we continue to upgrade the enhanced LTE network.

Sprint Spark is available in the following markets (new markets in bold):

• Austin, Texas

• Baltimore

• Chicago

• Dallas

• Fort Lauderdale, Florida

• Fort Worth, Texas

• Houston

• Jacksonville, Florida

• Kansas City

• Los Angeles

• Miami

Newark, New Jersey

• New York

Oakland, California

Orlando, Florida

• Tacoma, Washington

• Philadelphia

• Provo, Utah

• Salt Lake City

• San Antonio, Texas

• Tampa, Florida

• Tacoma, Washington

• Trenton, New Jersey

Waukegan, Illinois

West Palm Beach, Florida

We’re just getting started. Our goal is to reach speeds formerly thought impossible on a mobile device. In our lab, we have demonstrated speeds in excess of 1 Gbps.

“Sprint Spark is all about performance. It’s like trading up to the fastest sports car on the showroom floor,” said Stephen Bye, chief technology officer for Sprint. “I am excited to see where we will take this technology in 2014, because I know we are committed to bringing our customers an unprecedented network experience.”

  • Robert

    When will we get it in TUCSON, AZ? Still don’t have LTE at my work..

    • Zacky Levitski

      yes please do share when someone knows i know there are a dedicated few that will know asap!

  • johnny b good

    When are we getting it in the Nashville, Tn area? You would think Nashville would one of the first choices with all the musical stars and fans being here

  • Jane parishoner

    Obviously a typo..one was probably meant to be Tucson AZ.

  • Jane parishoner

    Chill with the name calling. How do you know he was lying? It’s my understanding many people who live in DC live in the suburbs or in VA. Ever think the associate with Spark might not live in DC like you do?

  • Mike

    Atlanta, GA is not on the list??? It’s the number 7 consumer market in the United States.

    • ellis rod

      Atlanta Georgia already has it man Lol

      • David Keith Sims

        We have LTE, not Sparks!

    • Tim Engen

      sense that area has wimax it spark should start coming online in 2014. spark is coming to wimax areas first then they will expand behind that.

  • James Hernandez

    i wil not continue to do business with sprint they have rude customer service that don’t help.the only reason i stayed is because of the unlimited data plan but you only need it because you never have signal and your always having to call,refresh or restart your phone

    #sprintsucks #byefelisha

    • Aaron Jerry Olson

      The problem lies in customers placing unrealistic expectations on a representative who has no power to affect real change. The appropriate thing to do would to seek out solutions and see what they can do to accommodate your request. I had poor reception at home. Called sprint inquired about a airave order it. And I haven’t had any problems since. A few week later I get a call out of no where it was was the rep checking back with me and giving me a credit toward the account for nearly half the purchase price. I am sure this is because I wanted to resolve the issue not complain and hastag my way through life. Sprint is a great company and I have happily been with the for over 8 years.

      • A Dawg

        And if your issue hadn’t been resolved?? The problem here lies in the the LIE of the LTE coverage map, the LIE of how soon it will be ready, and the LIE of unlimited data when there is NO data.

        Also let me nit pick your nitpickings…
        “The problem lies in customers placing unrealistic expectations on a representative who has no power to affect real change.” <—complaint
        " I had poor reception at home." <—– complaint
        "I am sure this is because I wanted to not complain and hastag my way through life."

        Oh really??!?


    When are we getting it in SAINT LOUIS ..DOWNTOWN

  • Nano Arroyo

    When will spark kick off in BOSTON??????it shows the spark icon already

    • Tim Engen

      it shows the spark icon even when your not actually on spark. dumb idea sprint

    • Gary O’ Donovan

      Do u know wen it will be active in Boston??

  • Steven Frith

    when will spark be in memphis?

  • Nicholas Armondo Martinez

    When will Spark be available to the Detroit market? I’d like to be able to use the data I’m supposed to get from it’s regular 4G LTE, but I can barely use it sometimes. A lot of the time, I still see 3G. The market was supposedly launched three months ago and it still seems the same as when it wasn’t launched. I just want to know.

    • Tim Engen

      Detroit will get it at somepoint. dont know when tho. spark is coming to wimax areas first then sprint will expand behind that. sadly Detroit never did get wimax.

  • Robert Smith

    Forget Spark, I just want reliable service for a change without dropping calls. Thought it was my old phone, but still an issue on my $500 LG G2 and I am in the Denver metro area so you wouldnt think that should be an issue.

    • Dooshe Nozzle

      Yeah, I am in this boat. Coverage map has me in the middle of a solid 4G LTE area, but I’m lucky if I can even maintain 2 bars of 3G.

  • Jay D

    I agree, the Washington DC area is a mess (this includes Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia). I was told two years ago that 4G LTE would launch a few months after I signed my contract. Now nearly two years later, 4G LTE is still very spotty and has not launched officially according to there coverage map. The frustrating thing is, this is a major metropolitan area. Now after being with Sprint nearly four years and nearing the end of my contract. I think its time to make a change.

  • http://www.geeklypodcast.com/ Melwheezy

    Yeah when will we have it in STL?

  • only1jellybeanz

    Does this mean the end of the unlimited plans?? I heard a rumor that with the advent of the Galaxy S 5/Framily plan, Sprint is going to try and phase out their unlimited plans…

    It makes me wonder since they’re going to upgrade the network, people will be able to do more at faster speeds. More people means more bogged down network and someone will have to pay for it.

    • Tim Engen

      No softbank says unlimited is staying for along time. as long as people upgrade to tri-band phone tri-band phones are sprint spark phones then the network can handle it just fine.

    • bbaca

      i just upgraded to a spark phone and didnt lose my unlimited plan

  • unitedrepublic

    Forget Spark. I still want LTE in Sacramento… Sometimes the 3g is so slow I can’t use the search feature on maps. (Using an EVO 4G LTE)

  • Gary Oliver

    At work way up in rural New Paltz, NY I see a 4g connection. Am I tripping or is 4g being hacked/faked ??????

  • tonenotvolume

    If Tacoma, why not Seattle??? C’mon, Sprint, invade!

  • Brian

    Is Honolulu in the picture here. We only have 3G. It would be nice to see 4G

    • Tim Engen

      hawaii barely has any LTE yet. They are just getting started on it out there. However Honolulu Hawaii does have sprint old 4G wimax so for sure Honolulu will get spark. wimax areas are getting spark first than sprint will expand behind that.

  • roc

    How did they skip st Louis I mean u did Kansas city an Chicago an skip Missouri when is it coming to my hometown

  • Jamil

    Is it available to all phones?

  • Travon

    All this is cool but how come I can’t talk and surf the web at the same time? Please fix this issue please… I am Samsung S5 user

    • Ryan

      Man I was wondering the same thing we used to be able to do it! Now it don’t work!

    • AjP

      They (Sprint) told me that all Spark phones use only one antenna so you can’t multitask. Wish they would have told me this before I spent the money upgrading my phones…

    • Michael Glenn

      This is a temporary situation. When VoLTE (HD Voice) is up and running (supposedly nationwide by July/August 2014), you’ll be able to use voice and data at the same time again. An intermediate protocol had be used in the meantime (Circuit-switched fallback). This forces phones to switch back to 3G on a single band during voice calls. Welcome to the bleeding edge.

  • izzyeddy

    Yeah right, I left Sprint because they have the nerve to put 4G in Vegas but ignore a much larger market like Phoenix and Tucson. You may have 4G in our markets now, or at least your website says you do now, but you’ve already lost my business.

    • Tim Engen

      Phoenix and tucson have LTE. sense wimax never made it there it will be little longer before spark does. it will get it at somepoint tho.

  • Cristian Gallardo

    Mission, Texas Our LTE sucks. We need Spark

  • Ashton Keily

    Can we get here in Nashville, TN and in Portland, TN please.

  • Beau Alexander

    I am just below Atlanta and I have 1 bar of service all of the time and can barely use the Internet. The service on this new s5 has really made me want my iphone back.

  • Luke Scott

    I was able to experience sprint spark in danville, il. With one bar of spark i felt like i was flying through the internet faster then cable. Cant wait till it expands down to my area around terre haute, in!

  • AjP

    I was hyped up about the GS5 phone but it seems that since it is on Sprint
    Spark’s network they have limited the capabilities. What they don’t tell
    you when you get the phone is if you expect to talk and surf the web at
    the same time you will need WIFI. Spark phones use only one antenna
    (Like the old phones before 3G through LTE) I am in the field for work
    all the time and with this phone I have to tell my customers I will call
    them back so I can look up info on the internet or have all of the info
    (which isn’t possible all of the time because of the dynamics of the
    job) with me. Being around WIFI all of the time to accomplish this isn’t
    feasible either. I contacted the phone manufacturer and they state that
    the phone is capable of multitasking but it is up to the carrier. This
    is bad on Sprint for doing this and I will make sure everyone
    knows about this. Several reps that I spoke with also tried to make it
    sound like it was Samsung’s fault.

  • TX1

    I’m looking forward to future upgrades. I’m in Houston, and am currently using an iPhone 5. From what I can tell, our service has actually gotten worse sense the upgrade.

  • http://batman-news.com Jesse Lopez

    Is Spark optional? Due to the new services of Spark, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will not get on the internet while I’m on the phone, when my Galaxy S3 did.
    You can imagine my fustration.
    Does anybody aware of this.
    Please help!!

  • Sierramae23

    So when is Hawaii going to join the 4g LTE CLAN because we are still running on 3g.

  • Jennifer Blomgren

    Why isn’t it every where. I am still waiting for the 4g and now just another thing we don’t get either

  • bbaca

    if that little spinning spark icon means there is spark then there is in Albuquerque,NM

  • Ashton Keily

    I pay $30 dollars extra for unlimited data

  • Temetrius O’Bannon

    When will fairfielf California get spark

  • Dion Ihinger

    Fix my Phone

  • Dion Ihinger

    Not working my Phone

  • Jackie H.

    How is Sprint service in the Fayetteville, AR and Branson, MO areas?

  • Randal Hicks

    after my android update I now have spark but, looks like i’m not in the covered area :(

  • Gerry Lpz

    How is Spark in Houston tx??