Music lovers, rejoice!

  HTC is releasing a swanky new phone created especially for audiophiles, called the HTC One® (M8) Harman/Kardon® edition, and Sprint will offer it before anyone else. When it comes to music, this device has a few cool features that set it apart. Harman/Kardon prides itself on first-class music reproduction, which has resulted in the […]

Meet the WeGo

On April 11, Sprint introduced the Sprint WeGo phone in stores. It’s the perfect device for parents who are looking for an intuitive wireless device for their young children. Aimed at ages 5-12, the WeGo combines affordability with easy-to-use technology. While many phones feature touchscreens or numerous buttons, the streamlined WeGo has one button that […]

Sprint Spark by numbers

A growing network to meet a growing demand.