Sprint Spark

Sprint Spark, HD Voice arrive in 2 new markets

Today, Provo, Utah and Trenton, N.J. join America’s newest network. Both Trenton and Provo now offer Sprint Spark™ for ultra-fast data and Provo becomes the newest HD™ Voice-capable city, with support for Trenton coming soon. Sprint Spark is a revolutionary data capability that delivers peak wireless speeds of up to 60Mbps over a mobile network […]

A new relationship with your tech

By Shelly Palmer Until very recently, motion control technology has been considered more of a parlor trick than a paradigm shift, but thanks to some new hardware and software, Perceptual Computing is becoming mainstream. There are several products such as Microsoft’s Kinect, Sony’s PlayStation Camera, the Leap Motion Controller and some high-end Samsung HDTV sets […]

The connected home continues to evolve

By Shelly Palmer Our homes are smarter than ever before. What was once science-fiction – think George Jetson and his home of the future – is now science-fact. Just about every piece of tech in your home has a “smart” version available, giving you the ability to control and monitor each and every aspect of […]

Controlling computers with your eyes

By Shelly Palmer Exo-digitally enhanced humans – those of us with network-connected smartphones, tablets or other digital tools – are better than regular humans. We’ve outsourced our fact-finding and informational memory to Google, Wikipedia, IMDb, PubMed and other specialized databases. Short number memory is outsourced to the Favorites section of our smartphones. Way-finding cells in […]

Building a better battery

By Shelly Palmer Few things are as frustrating as leaving your house with a decent charge on your phone, only to have its battery drain hours before you’re able to charge it again. We’re not only using our phones more often than ever before, but between 4G service, streaming media and constantly checking our social […]

Viral video will leave YouTube for SnapChat

By Shelly Palmer When YouTube launched back in 2006, it was the leading site for user-generated, DIY and lo-fi production. Since its inception, it has disrupted the way we consume everyday media. It has allowed us to analyze and search popular culture as well as archive and recall history. Videos that have gone viral over […]

Sprint Spark™ and HD Voice expand

Today, Sprint Spark™ enhanced LTE and High Definition (HD) Voice are live in two new cities, bringing them incredibly fast data speeds and crystal clear calls as part of the new Sprint network. Salt Lake City and Jacksonville, Fla. are the newest members of Sprint’s all-new network, bringing the total number of Sprint Spark markets […]

Sprint Spark™ and HD Voice reach 2 new markets

Philadelphia and Baltimore are the newest cities to gain access to Sprint Spark™, the enhanced LTE network capability that can deliver peak data speeds of 60Mbps to enabled devices. The inclusion of these cities brings the total number of Sprint Spark markets up to 14, which include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Sprint’s home […]

Control devices with your mind using Muse

By Shelly Palmer Have you ever wished someone could read your mind? If the latest product out of InteraXon holds true to its promise, that may become a reality. If you thought some of the recent advances in the world of tech were futuristic, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. InteraXon is the company behind Muse, […]

Deeplocal deconstruction

Deconstructing a boombox to look at the basic parts that make it bump.