Introducing: Sprint Spark℠

Sprint Spark is a powerful, enhanced LTE network capability that utilizes three bands of LTE to create a revolutionary tri-band network experience. For you, this means unprecedented data speeds, stronger in-building signal, and improved call quality and clarity.

This is accomplished by analyzing all three bands of LTE and connecting your smartphone, tablet or hotspot to the optimal band available in your area. This all happens instantly and seamlessly, but results in a more fluid and responsive data experience on your Sprint Spark capable mobile device. You can expect pages to load faster, video streams in vibrant high definition, and HD Voice to provide clearer, more natural sounding voices during conversations in upgraded areas. Sprint Spark is the difference between being the first to post and the last to like. It’s stutter-free video chat on-the-go and mobile gaming that leaves lag behind.

And it’s only going to get faster. Sprint is the first domestic carrier to demonstrate 1 Gigabit speeds over-the-air. The future is here, and it’s only going to get brighter with Sprint Spark.

  • Dexter Goodrum

    I am excited about this upgrade! I can’t wait until it’s release. Is there anyway to be notified when the upgrade when take place?

    • Wes A Whaley

      Well i will assume my area just got it recently as my phone randomly asked to system update and then it was just there. SprintSPARK showed up during load up and it was on in my status bar.

  • Mustafa Aminalhaq

    I have so many questions. When will it be out? When will my area get it? Is it for every device? What will the status bar logo look like? Does it work on the iPhone 5S?!!!!

    • Chris

      You must have a Tri-Band capable Sprint device, to answer your question Iphone 5s is not capable.

  • Danielle.

    This will be available for all customers. It’s opening in a limited market in a few select cities, but devices DO have the have spark enabled. These devices will have it enabled…Galaxy S 4 mini, Samsung Galaxy MEGA, LG G2, Google NEXUS 5. There will be a few select devices that should be getting software updates to enable the spark feature.
    “Initial availability in key markets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa and Miami.”

    • Heather R

      Is Sprint Spark why these devices are not currently capable to make voice calls and use data at the same time?

      • Jessica

        I have an HTC evo 4g lte and I can make calls and browse at the same time. I think it just depends on the phone, maybek

  • Anees Omari

    Will their be an update for the galaxy s4 to support sprint spark, i recently got mine :( ( ??

    • Scissors95

      No. You need new antenna to use spark.

    • mikewill

      Sprint does have a version of the Galaxy S4 that will support sprint Spark.

      • Brian R

        Yes it does it say s4 supports spark

    • Ashton Keily

      Yes. The galaxy s4 will support Sprint Spark. It will come in a update. The HTC One Max will also support Sprint Spark along with a few other phones.

  • Fiverr Guy

    How about you finally launch regular LTE in more markets. IE Little Rock Metro

  • TheJunkie

    Unless it supports the existing LTE devices, this is pretty much a downgrade.

  • spingary

    Looks great, but it will take Sprint 10 years to roll it out to even the 2nd tier cities! Remember the 4G promise? I won’t ever forget – paying $10/mo for years for a 4G-enabled phone with no 4G service. I left after 15 years of being a loyal customer – still no 4G in Milwaukee.

    • Brian Ix

      There is 4G in Milwaukee now. Speeds are good, but coverage can be spotty.

  • Ronnie

    This is great, but i don’t understand how some markets already have spark so fast even though some places are still waiting for regular LTE. Since only a few devices support sprints Spark, i think it’s better to finish LTE just as fast. There are a lot of tourist and vacation destinations that don’t even have LTE or decent 3G yet. For ex HAWAII. But i’ve seen the new spark and i can safely say i’m impressed

  • tryptiline_f

    Fabulous, looking forward to the capability, esp here in Chicago where Sprint’s 4G/LTE capabilities are much spottier than in Austin, my hometown. Also, to Sprint editors, just because this should be pointed out: the last part of your last sentence in the copy above (“…It’s stutter-free video chat on-the-go and mobile gaming that leaves lag behind.”) is missing an ending that reads correctly. I think you meant to say something like “…leaves laggards behind.” or “…leaves others lagging behind.”

    • Mark C.

      No, the original version is correct. “Lag” is computer jargon for an unbearably slow Internet connection. It’s often used by gamers as such: “I couldn’t play Halo last night because there was way too much lag. The game was too slow to even play.” You could also say, “I tried pulling up a YouTube video on my phone, but there was too much lag to get a smooth video stream.” So if you are leaving “lag” behind, then you are leaving slow internet speeds behind. :)

      • tryptiline_f

        LOL, thanks Mark, I see now. Sad part is I should’ve thought about it was the (n.) angle of “lag”….maybe too much gaming? :)

      • eAbyss

        Lag has more to do with high ping times than connection speed.

  • Kendrell Holley

    I hope this isn’t another “premium data plan” ripoff. I paid this fee for 2-3 years only to find out, hey you don’t have 4G because we now have 4G LTE! So how do I compensate, upgrade, yeah let me spend some more money on another phone that will offer this amazing option that I won’t be able to utilize. How about Sprint offer an incentive to some of us who paid “for years” for a service we never were able to use

    • Wes A Whaley

      Or how about you realise that you can not magically make the hardware inside your phone evolve. The antenna in your phone only has the abilities it was made with and when new bands and new speeds are created New antenna have to also be created to receive and process these bands. They can not magically upgrade ur 4G antenna to LTE. Sorry to inform ya. And this isn’t a sprint only thing, its an everywhere thing as its hardware limitations not software.

      • Cody Ash

        I think the comment was more around the fee associated with having a premium phone whether it had 4G or not. They had all smartphone users paying for 4G towers/upgrades even with iPhone 4S which didn’t have an LTE radio. That was an apple and sprint thing but we paid this fee regardless.

        • Wes A Whaley

          so 4G and 3G should be completely free? you pay for the premi data in general. its not just paying for the latest and greatest….

          • Kevin

            Actually I think the OP was referring to when 4G first came out over the WiMax bands. Sprint required a $10 premium data add on to your plan for this. However most markets never even saw WiMax however you still had to pay for the premium data. However their way around that now is they just increased the price of all their plans by $10 and got rid of the “premium data fee”.

    • shocker147

      I think with the massive capital infusion from the Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank that Sprint is going to do amazing things. It’s so nice to live in Kansas City where Sprint is headquartered and where we have Google Fiber. :)

  • Daryl Jackson

    Daryl Jackson
    Does the s3 support sprint spark?

    • Jamison Shaw

      No. The S3 only runs on 1900 mhz LTE so you will be able to get B25, but not band 26 (800 mhz) or Band 41 (2500 aka spark).

  • D.I.

    WiMax redux?

  • Brian Hunt

    How about you roll our 4g to Richmond, VA first. It is the capital city you know.


    VA needs 4G

  • Aarron Anderson

    I have a gs4,befor in my area,(Houston texas) I would only get 10Mb to 15Mb 4Glte, now that I noticed sprint spark coming out on the coverage maps, im gtting 10Mb to 26Mb, im always now have it on 18Mb average than before on around 5Mb, this is so bada$$

  • John Holmes

    10 years later, we should be running this on sprint.

  • Andres Benitez

    This comment probably has nothing to do with this conversation, but my point is: IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW FAST YOUR PHONE IS WITH A QUAD-CORE AND THE BEST MOBILE GRAPHICS THERE COULD BE, the problem is in the TOWER you are connected to, if there’s too many users connected to it, their system would either kick you off or limit your bandwidth, so your phone could have the best antenna and only give you 50% of its power.

    So if I could have a 3G antenna in my phone running at full/true speed its like almost having a 4G LTE antenna. ( this is just my thoughts)

  • Jay

    I bought a Nexu5 so that I would be able to use Spark. When will the phone ‘really’ be Spark capable.

  • Tazzie_tazz

    I want the Spark

  • John Bailo

    I’ve been on Clear for 8 years and have been happy with the service — but this sounds like a quantum leap (150-200 Mpbs?!). Can they get the latency down as well (for gaming). I hope they move me to this soon!

  • Stacy L.

    Considering I’m smack-dab in the middle of an area that touts “Best” 4G/LTE coverage, yet I can’t get more than half a MB on 3G (standing outside, holding my phone optimistically up to the sky), I have little confidence in this “Sprint Spark” thing – which also allegedly is available in my immediate vicinity.

  • Samuel Thomas Amaral

    This should be a great improvement in their cellular network! With everyone else still using LTE technology, Sprint is looking to get ahead of the curve by producing an even better experience. We all know they have been the last to implement 4G LTE when the others have done the rest already including their possible new partner acquisition in T-Mobile who already has a global 4G LTE network in place. When Sprint finally introduces SPARK on an international scale, I believe a lot of people will look at Sprint and wonder when they finally came out to play.